The Lessons of Heart Break

I don’t think there will ever be anything better or worse than heartbreak. It gives us such important pieces- it teaches us that our heart is broken, so therefore we must have been capable of love in the first place. If you’re feeling heartbroken, you’re feeling an emotion that’s way deeper than that- you’re feeling that love drain from your body and transform into a cocktail of other things. Maybe it’s regret, or sadness or loneliness. Maybe it’s the “what ifs” and “what could have beens”… maybe it’s wishing you took one more kiss or one more night to live your love to the fullest.

I think it’s the feeling after they’re gone- that silence suddenly seems different. The alerts on your phone that mean less and less as the days pass.
Maybe that empty feeling is all the memories leaving your body slowly- every hug. Every minute of intense eye contact. Every hour of phone conversations. Every mile driven to see each other. You just wake up one day, have THAT conversation- then it’s over. Everything changes in the blink of an eye.

When your heart is broken, the fault doesn’t matter. The mistakes don’t matter. No fight or argument or disagreement could ever seem significant at that moment, because I don’t think we’re ever the only ones hurting. Heart break has no boundaries or discriminations.
I don’t think it’s the “loss of love” that hurts the most, but actually realizing we were capable of love in the first place- and that is truly tragic and beautiful, and such an important lesson.


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