“Experience”…That word hits a nerve with me so greatly. 

All we are in this life is “experiences” right? I mean we are only renting these bodies- we don’t own anything. Honestly we’re just walking around EXPERIENCING things. Anything and everything. That’s all it is. It bothers me to no end when people take their lives so serious or they miss out on experiences just because of their “morals” or “beliefs”. Fuck. We all need to believe in something, right? I’m not criticizing religion or faith because that’s not my place. We are all complete strangers- who the fuck am I to tell you about life? But I ask you- Why do so many people walk this line and scare themselves into what it’s all SUPPOSED to look like or who they think they’re SUPPOSED to be? There are no fucking bunk beds in caskets. I think more people need to live for themselves rather than those around them. We need to take more chances and fucking ruin a couple of fancy events. I don’t know. Who cares. We’re humans. And humans are messy and complex and no one will ever really know what’s going on in someone else’s head. We all crave normalcy but we’ll never fucking obtain the true meaning of “normal. 

“Normal” doesn’t fucking exist. 
So who cares if you have exposed some “unethical” behaviors. We all have them, but few posses the honesty (or desire of honesty) to hold themselves accountable. So tell your “friends”, associates, colleagues WHOEVER- to fuck off if they’re so bothered by your “unethical” experiences. I understand the anxiety of it all, because that’s what this society has groomed us to be- scared of everyone’s irrelevant opinions. 

A good friend of mine recently told me the importance of the word “process”. Everyone has opinions and lots of people are willing to share those opinions with you, usually when it’s inconvenient for you. Everyone thinks their opinions are more relevant than yours so get used to that. 

The PROCESS of it though- we can’t control others actions. We can only control our own reaction to it. So go through that PROCESS. The process of accepting people and their opinions (even if they are complete SHIT) and just hold true to yourself and how you react. Your reaction is the only thing that is certain and true, so keep that up and take every single day as a learning EXPERIENCE. 


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