I’ve decided that 98% of people you meet will disappoint you…

Before you send me hate emails for that statement, just hear me out.

We all play this game every single day. It’s not one that has rules or winners and losers. We play this game where we interact with people; maybe a few, maybe a whole lot; we talk about the weather and we talk about sports teams and presidential candidates. We laugh and joke and look people in their eyes and hear their stories. We subconsciously make assumptions of their lives based on the pieces of themselves in which they’ve shared with us. We say ok I like this person or maybe we don’t.  We have these thoughts in our brains and feelings in our bodies and we just carry on until something happens. Like you don’t see that person ever again, or you move to a different place in you’re life and they just aren’t a piece of it. It happens all the time.

But here’s what I don’t get. I don’t get when people share so much of themselves with you; you feel something for them, and assume its reciprocated, and then all of a sudden they’re gone or acting out of character, for seemingly no reason at all. I don’t get that. This goes back to my last post about being honest with ourselves and correlating our inner feelings with our outer gestures and words. This fucking game though… We are stuck still playing this fucking game with each other ; with ourselves; and it’s really self destructive. I wish we could all say what we mean and follow through with our promises. Because somehow we all turn into who we said we’d never be…and you never know who you will be disappointing.


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