Running away is always my defense mechanism…

Have you ever felt the urge to pack your bags and leave this place? Do you ever look around at your life and say “Who the fuck am I?” I’m shocked to hear some of my own thoughts sometimes, but I have to be very honest. I don’t know how to be anyone else or how to have someone else’s feelings.
I’ve always felt different… Like I had something to say that was going to change this world.
I guess the problems lie in my childhood; where infidelity, turmoil and escape from reality was the norm. My parents didn’t want the pressure of bringing up another human, so they gave me up to my grandparents. The stress was too much for them- so they ran away.
I don’t know how to change who I am or how I feel, but if we’re being honest, I wish I could pack my bags and never look back.


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