Can God really be the only one to judge us?

We are all so quick to judge others lives that we forget- the “perfection” we see in ourselves is fictional. It doesn’t exist. We can not bring others down based on an illusion of how we think their lives should look. You never know someones’ struggle, and you don’t know how they sleep at night. How we treat others is a direct reflection on how we feel about ourselves.

As humans, we crave normalcy. Somewhere inside us, we know that change is inevitable but we still live our days as if it will stay that way forever. We wish on stars at night but sleep late and complain about the life that we’re doing nothing to repair. We pray for help but forget that we have to help ourselves FIRST. Positivity can be contagious if you are looking in the right place; If you surround yourself with negative souls, then that’s your destination as well.

We’re all waiting for something. Waiting to do better; waiting to make more money; waiting for “happiness”. We wait for things that we are not even certain will ever exist. We hope to be this triumphant, loved individual someday, but we are irrational, impatient and unmotivated. We have no confidence. Meanwhile, we cut out the ride, and try to be “perfect”, according to some over-airbrushed model on a magazine cover.

It’s all an illusion… Are we actually even living???

We all need to redirect.


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